22nd IEEE International Conference on
Emerging Technologies And Factory Automation
September 12-15, 2017, Limassol, Cyprus

Post conference publication

Selected papers from ETFA2017 will be considered for publication in special sections in the IEEE Transaction on Industrial Informatics

The IEEE Transaction on Industrial Informatics is a premium journal with the Impact Factor of 4.708

Prospective authors are requested to observe the following guidelines in order to maximize chances of their paper(s) being selected for the special selection.


All submissions must clearly indicate a novelty of the contribution, its significance, and a need for such a work.


The presented work must be put in the perspective of the work of others.

Notation and presentation

In order to avoid ambiguity in the material presentation, a scientific notation appropriate for the technical area covered should be employed as far as practical without obscuring the presentation clarity by the formalism used.

Results validation

Results obtained by simulation must be validated in bounds by analytical techniques. Simulation results are subject to a statistical evaluation. The description of simulation experiments must be detailed enough to include assumptions and any other relevant information for a reader or reviewer to be able to potentially replicate such an experiment, if required. If the space does not permit, the required details, and/or a supplementary material, are required to be posted on the web site designated by the author(s), and indicated in the manuscript. Results obtained by measurements on a prototype or an actual system are subject to a statistical evaluation, if relevant, and validation using simulation or/and analytical techniques.

Number of pages

Selected ETFA2017 papers will be allowed up to 12 Transaction pages: regular 8, plus extra 4 at a fee.

IEEE permits to re-use authors' material from other publications, but up to 30% of a new paper. Because of that, it is recommended the papers are limited to 8 proceedings pages.

All papers submitted to the special section are subject to plagiarism check, including self-plagiarism.

Further information