22nd IEEE International Conference on
Emerging Technologies And Factory Automation
September 12-15, 2017, Limassol, Cyprus


Large Scale Complex Cyber-Physical Systems

Technology and development methodology and tools …
Moderator: Richard Zurawski, ISA Group, USA

The 4th Industrial and Societal Revolution deeply rooted in advances in Electronics, Communication, and Information Technology (ICT) has been heralded by numerous visionary initiatives sponsored and advanced by industry and governments alike, all over the industrialized world – to mention smart factories, smart grid, smart buildings, smart highways, smart transportation systems, urban automation, ... . The household names of the Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems provide conceptual and architectural frameworks as well as a technical infrastructure for those initiatives.

The functional and technical scope of those initiatives is broad. Various application domains intersect at the crossroads of the initiatives. Vision is necessary to carve the image of the initiatives. But insufficient for their realization. At the root of the success in implementing and deploying visions is technology. Technology is a tangible “realization” of solutions, which arise from innovative thinking. In addition to technology, we need robust development methodology and supporting tools specific to different application domains.

A group of world renown panelists, represent different sectors of industry and academia, is going to try to look into the issue where we are with technology, development methodologies and tools to enable development of large scale complex Cyber-Physical Systems.

The panelists:

  • John Baras, University of Maryland, USA
  • Mark Nixon, Emerson Process Management, USA
  • Srini Ramaswamy, ABB Corporate Research, India
  • Jean-Luc Scharbarg, INP-ENSEEIHT & IRIT, France
  • Stefan Svensson, ABB Corporate Research, Sweden